On April 9th, 2017 the alpaca girls gave up their year’s growth of fiber. This was not a day too soon as they were already starting to feel the approach of warm weather. See the before, the after and the fiber!

Shearing an alpaca

Photo courtesy of The Roanoke Times – Bill collecting the Primary (1st quality) fiber into a bag as the team shears. Shearing held at A Goode View Alpaca Farm, owned by Jim and Lisa Beck.

Fun fact: As an alpaca is sheared, the fiber is sorted and bagged based on quality: Prime (first quality), second and third.

After the girls were sheared, they were definitely lighter:

all alpacas after shearing

Sheared and resting in the sun

Here is a sample of the end product of 2016’s shearing:

All of ours girls have yarn available for sale. Please contact us directly for more information.