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  Owning an alpaca farm is a lot of work: it takes a very big commitment and requires time, land and resources! BrightEyes Alpaca Retreat, is a  seven-acre farm located outside the town of Farmville, Virginia.  We currently own ten adult female alpacas, three  yearlings and two Livestock Guardian dogs (Jake & Jili) that we love and take care of every day. Bunny and Nilla , new to our farm in July 2018, gave birth to babies (cria) in April of 2019!.  Trouble our 1st boy was born quite dramatically on April 7th, and Creme Brulee was born on April 21st, Easter Sunday!   On May 9th, we had a surprise birth–Coco, delivered a tiny girl cria, named Eclair!  Now, after a year of triple fun, our yearlings are settling in nicely and are growing by leaps and bounds! They are learning to interact with humans and meet and greet their alpaca followers!!  Your participation in our adoption/sponsorship programs will help us continue to make sure our alpacas and puppies are healthy, happy and well fed!  Check out their Bios on our Home Page.

Your support in the way of donation, adoption or sponsorship will support BrightEyes’ Health, Wellness and Educational Programs: all the things we do to keep our alpacas and puppies healthy and stress free! By selecting a package, you enrich our animals daily, without the fuss and muss of owning your own fuzzy animal! You may even get some neat bonuses during the year – you’ll just have to wait and see. We want to share the best parts of our farm animals’ experience with you!

Gift or Donation?

Want to make a one-time gift or donation in honor of a friend, family member or colleague and support BrightEyes Alpaca Retreat? Your donation’s sole purpose is to benefit our animal care and education endeavors.

Alpaca Herd Health

Herd Health

Support the Health and Wellness of our Alpaca herd – we make sure our herd has monthly Herd Health Days to weigh, check teeth and nails, and provide monthly vitamins and medication. We also have annual onsite visits by our Large Animal Veterinarian.
Guard Dog Health

Guard Dog Health

Support the Health and Wellness of our Livestock Guardian Dogs – we check our dogs’ weight monthly, administer monthly supplements, and schedule wellness visits to the vet.
Educational Outreach

Educational Outreach

Support BrightEyes Alpaca Retreat educational outreach programs, defraying the cost of traveling with the alpacas to educational venues and developing educational materials.

Adopt or Sponsor?

Your participation in the adoption or sponsorship program will help us continue to ensure our alpacas’ and puppies’  health and wellness and allow us to grow our educational programs.

How to apply:

  1. Select the Adopt or Sponsor package you wish to support from our website. Take a look at the bios of our ‘Pacas and Pups and select the package you love!
  2. Complete the Registration form and submit it to us.
  3. Upon receipt of your registration form we will invoice you via Paypal. Instructions for paying will be included with the email from Paypal.  If you prefer not to use Paypal, please contact us to make alternative payment arrangements.
  4. Upon receipt of payment, your Welcome Package will be prepared and mailed to you.

Adopt a BrightEyes Alpaca Retreat Alpaca or Pup

Have you ever wanted an alpaca of your own, but don’t live on a farm?  Ever wanted a big furry pup the size of a house? BrightEyes Alpaca Retreat offers the unique opportunity to adopt an Alpaca or a Pup and follow their life for one  year!

Join our Adopt our BrightEyes ‘Paca or Pup Program today!

How it works: You select one of our Adoption Packages and become an “adopted owner” for one full year!

There are 4 Adoption Packages to suit your budget:

The Kushers

The Kushers

Kushing is how alpacas rest, sitting down with their legs bent under their body. When they are not foraging, our alpacas kush in the pasture and take a break.

As an Adopter a yearly contribution of $25 includes:

  • An Alpaca Fact Card
  • An collage of our alpacas
  • Periodic pen pal letters from our alpaca herd
  • Follow our BrightEyes   Facebook page
The Nibblers

The Nibblers

Alpacas are browsers who eat most varieties of plant life, including grass, foliage and palatable herbs. They have a split upper lip (like a rabbit) which enables them to cleverly nibble around long and sharp thorns.

As an Adopter a yearly contribution of $50 includes all the benefits of a Kusher package plus:

  • An invitation to a Herd Health Day to learn how to care for alpacas
  • Opportunities throughout the year to hang out with an alpaca buddy
The Hummers

The Hummers

Alpacas make sounds when they are happy, concerned, uncomfortable or curious. Different styles of hums indicate different emotions. Listen to an example below:

As an Adopter a yearly contribution of $75 includes all the benefits of the Kushers and Nibblers Packages plus:

  • Framed certificate and photo collage of your adopted herd
  • VIP ticket for Shearing Day on the farm (date to be determined)
  • Individual visit and photo op with your adopted herd
  • One Specialized fiber item from your adopted herd-made here on the farm!
The Barkers

The Barkers

Jake, a Great Pyrenees and Jili, an Italian Maremma sheepdog, work on the farm. Our Livestock Guardian Dogs’ health and wellness is an integral part of BrightEyes Alpaca Retreat’s protection and security team.

By nature, our dogs are nocturnal, a characteristic that enables them to guard and protect our alpacas entrusted to them. How are predators discouraged from potentially harming livestock? You got it, our pups Jake and Jili resort to using their powerful, booming voices to keep predators away.

As an Adopter a yearly contribution of $25 includes:

  • An Adoption Certificate and Livestock Guardian Fact Card
  • A picture of your adopted pups
  •  Facebook page with regular photos and videos of their antics

Sponsor a BrightEyes ‘Paca or Pup

BrightEyes Collage

Similar to “Adopt a BrightEyes Alpaca,” sponsoring our alpaca herd is a great group opportunity for scout troops, youth groups, school classes, families, clubs, businesses, etc. Your participation in the program will help BrightEyes Alpaca Retreat keep our alpacas and livestock guardian dogs healthy, happy and well fed!

Peruvian:  One-year sponsorship is only $100.00
Chilean:  One-year sponsorship is only $250.00
Argentinian:   One-year sponsorship is only $300.00


  • A Certificate of Sponsorship
  • A photo collage of your our alpaca herd and puppies
  • Quarterly emails from alpaca herd and livestock guardians with photos detailing their life and any special activities they are participating in
  • Sponsor acknowledgement on BrightEyes Alpaca Retreat Website


All benefits in the Peruvian Package plus:

  • An invitation to Herd Health Days to learn how to care for alpacas and livestock guardian dogs
  • A BrightEyes Alpaca Retreat product or craft


All benefits in the Peruvian and Chilean Packages plus:

  • Experience cleaning and prepping fiber for production
  • VIP ticket to BrightEyes Alpaca Retreat Shearing Day

Enjoy your Alpaca or Puppy!

Disclaimer: Your contribution is used toward covering the costs of daily care for our alpacas  or puppies and is non-refundable. Your payment of support does not constitute ownership of the animal but only entitles you to the above-listed benefits. The sponsorship will last for 12 months at which time you can renew for another year or select a new package. If you can, come out to BrightEyes Alpaca Retreat to meet the alpacas and puppies in person and select the one you want to call your own or view their bios on our website. Every animal has their very own personality; we’ll gladly help you select one you will enjoy.